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Competent representation before the Federal Supreme Court

In 2007, Friedrich-Wilhelm Engel and Axel Rinkler joined forces to practice their profession together (ENGEL  RINKLER). After the retirement of Rechtsanwalt Engel in 2021, Rechtsanwalt continues to lead the law firm. In accordance with his special admission as lawyer at the Federal Court of Justice, he is only active before this court and the European Court of Justice. He represents his clients in appeals on points of law, non-admission appeals, as well as in appeals in patent nullity cases and preliminary ruling procedures.


The firm's guiding principles still apply:

"We see ourselves as specialists for proceedings before the Federal Supreme Court, which, based on the work of our pre-instance colleagues, aim to achieve optimum results for our clients in the third instance. It goes without saying that regular teamwork with clients, in-house lawyers, attorneys-at-law and patent attorneys is required. Extensive court files have to be worked through on a regular basis so that the chances of success of the desired appeal can be assessed first. Since we have not yet been involved in the matter, we are unbiased in this aspect. If the appeal is well-founded, it is necessary, using our many years of experience, to examine the case material from the instances in writing and to concentrate on the essential points."

The firm deals with civil law in all its breadth, with a focus on intellectual property, copyright, anti-trust law and transport law.

Further information on the special activities of lawyers admitted at the Federal Supreme Court can be found on the website of the Bar Association of the Federal Supreme Court.




Lawyer since 1987, admitted to the Federal Court of Justice in May 2007, after several years as research assistant in a renowned BGH law firm. Prior to this, traineeship in Baden-Württemberg, studies in Heidelberg and A-levels at the European School Karlsruhe.

Various publications: Co-author in commentaries on the German Commercial Code (HGB) and on lawyers' liability, comments on judgements, commemorative publications and lectures.


Memberships (selection):
German Association for the Protection of Industrial Property and Copyright (GRUR)
Working Group IT Law in the DAV (davit)
German Association for Transport Law (DGTR)
Association of lawyers admitted to the BGH






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